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I found it sometime in 2000 when I was searching for info on Kevin Hewick. I didn't know much of Kevin Hewick or his music, save for a haunting track called "Haystack" that was on a New Order bootleg tape I bought. It's got a neat harmonium(?) and great lyrics, so I thought I'd see what else I could find.

There's some excellent info here, and the page has since disapeared from the the site and, as far as I can tell, the rest of the net as of sometime early in 2001, so I've decided to re-post it here.

There were originally sections for "Press" and "Lyrics" but these were empty and marked "under construction", so I've removed them.

Please note: I am not the author. The text is written by Kevin himself. I can't tell you where to contact Kevin, and indeed, if you know, please drop me a line. I've since been able to find Fact 24 but would love to find some of the other stuff mentioned in this discog.

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Kevin Hewick

  Kevin Hewick News
Brief biography and influences
KH Live past and present-interesting support slots-unusual venues-band line ups etc.

KH news

Work in progress: Recording sessions are now underway at Memphis studios in Leicester for a new CD album (working title "Britpop") to be released by Sorted in late spring/early summer '97. The album will feature a mix of electric and acoustic performances, some solo, some with special guest musicians including Lee Allatson(ex KH band/So what if/Fish party tattoo, now of Cusp and Ska-Boom) on percussion and Olive Rollings (Of the Believers) on violin. Paul Allatson is producing. Kevin Reverb is engineering...We're really just trying out all kinds of ideas/textures hoping to coax magic out of the players (and out of me!!) and make something truly classic/timeless/trendless- something I'll be able to live with and you'll want to listen to !!

It's going to be quite hard to select the final running order-there are so many songs to choose from ! My hope is that I'll be able to make another album in the not too distant future !

I have a huge archive of recordings-live stuff/demos etc and I feel there are many performances "in the vaults" that deserve to be heard/made more available to any interested party. Therefore Sorted have agreed to release a series of cassettes over the next year or so that will kind of do for Kevin Hewick what "Anthology" did for The Beatles (I hope !!??!!). Each tape will be a full C90 at a bargain budget super low price. First out will be "1993-1995" which will re-issue the "In an open air surgery" 9 song cassette album plus extra studio and live items both solo and with the then band- KH with Lee Allatson (drums) and Tom Westmoreland (Bass). Later this year "1988-1992" will re-issue the "An unlikely source" 5 song cassette EP plus early demos done with Dave Davies and Gary Birtles and the KH band line ups that included Alan Flanders (drums), Steve Cook (bass) and Dominic Bentham (bass- but not at the same time as Steve I may add!) Finally next year will see "1996-1998" which is,of course, still "in progress"

As to the Factory/Cherry Red output from the early-mid eighties: well, a lot of people have asked me about it but it would take a phenominal surge of interest in my current work for them to re-issue things like 1983's "Such hunger for love" LP. Another option is to "bootleg" myself!!! We'll see...

Unusually for me I'm very quiet on the live front at the moment but hope to make up for that later in 1997. All in all I find it a bit of an odd musical climate at the moment- it's like a musical theme park now-you've got to be "indie" or "dance" or "R'n'B (as in pubrock R'n'B) or "folk"...People singing the praises of bands with Epiphone guitars trying to sound like something from 1965 would probably call me dated even though 90% of the songs that I perform are less than 5 years old!! I've been around (and not-around and around again) for quite a while but don't consider myself to be a "seen it all, done it all" veteran- I'm not a muso- I'm not part of any establishment or conventional way of thinking- getting involved with Dave Dixey and Sorted Records; was the highlight of 1996 for me- being the only solo acoustic performer on the Sorted Stage at Leicester Abbey Park festival last August summed it up nicely- I was part of a bill that included Prolapse, The Freed Unit, Slinky, John Sims, Lazarus Clamp etc- with no disrespect to anyone I wasn't on the other stages with the other "acoustic" performers.

I do hope to work in a band situation again in the future but it's hard to find the right people (and I have worked with some very good ones in the past). I'm hoping the album will help to point the way to how a new line-up might sound. However playing alone is great- a very pure, honest thing- I'll always be happy to do solo performances as well and once the CD is out I'll be doing as many as I can to promote it- so watch out for me- I might be appearing in a toilet near you very soon!!

  Kevin Hewick News
Brief biography and influences
KH Live past and present-interesting support slots-unusual venues-band line ups etc.

Kevin Hewick- A brief biography

I must be one of the ultimate "I could write a book about it" people ...but I don't think I ever will because who'd want to read it ? Then again you are reading this so...

Anyway... I was born in a year that gets disconcertingly further away with each new year that passes...still,musically speaking my "antiquity" is a blessing... I've been touched by the hand of the 50's/60's/70's and the 90's (let's give the 80's a miss!) and I'm as thrilled now to get my copies of the new Suede,Lush,REM,Manics or Patti Smith as I was then (whenever "then" was) when I got my copies of the new Clash, Television, Wire Patti Smith. As a child- and I mean well pre-teens- I was a huge Beatles fan which expanded into Led Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix and anyone else with long hair, flares and a wah-wah pedal. I'll even openly confess to buying all those Yes and ELP albums that everyone now denies buying back in their trendy prog-rock days. Whatever it was I listened to it, Loved it, RELATED to it... Hearing people like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Neil Young made me want to do it myself.

So there came the inevitable guitar and, after making rather slow and poor progress at learning to play it, some very ramshackle bands with school friends. My five year spell at Countesthorpe College sent me totally off or on the rails, depending on which way you look at it...We're all haunted by our Schooldays and adolescense, sure, but Countesthorpe was just mind blowing and my experiences there set me on the course I still follow to this day (I am dismayed that the educational revolution I and my fellow students experienced there was quashed so soon after it began- it was more about personal freedom and creativity than following the conventional academic success/passing exams/career orientated etc etc. that schools stress (stress being the operative word) today.

From Countesthorpe to the dole to working in a social security office was hardly a thrilling transition. Fortunately parallel to these depressing personal events PUNK ROCK came to save-or was it deprave- my soul !! AND... it demystified so much..."Anyone could do it"- a cliche, yes, but a true cliche I did lots of tapes in my bedroom and sent them off to various labels and one of them appealed to Tony WIlson and before I knew it the Joy Division obsessed bedroom tape maker I was became a Joy Division support act (who really wasn't prepared for it having only done school concerts before that...)

I suppose this is the greatest of"Kevin Hewick myths" that is actually true... my first ever recording session was with Hook, Morris and Sumner a month after Ian Curtis's death. Totally unrehearsed, and with me in awe of the former Joy Divisioners (I overheard Peter Hook tell the engineer they'd decided on the name New Order the night before. When I pointed out that Ron Asheton, ex of the Stooges, had already used that name for a band I was told "That doesn't matter, nobody's ever heard of them !!!), the session wasn't a great success. To top it all "producer" Martin Hannett walked in several hours late (straight from an all night John Cooper Clarke session), said "It sounds like Fairport convention" and then immediately lay down on the floor and fell asleep under the mixing desk. Yes, I was out of my depth alright...

I had some good times at Factory-playing in Finland and Sweden was wonderful- touring with Durutti Column was fantastic-the pleasure of getting to know (a bit) people like Vini Reilly, Peter Hook and even, sometimes, Tony Wilson was fab gear... but things like the "Joy Division" session, the live "Factory quartet" LP (with tracks chosen against my wishes) and the almost 100% critical crucifixion I got in the national rock press (maybe better than the 100% ignoring me they do now !) made my "square peg in a round hole" departure from Factory inevitable...and so I "defected" to Cherry Red and got things like an album and a single and an EP out really quickly and watched them sell really slowly and...lost my way- artistically and personally. Jon Savage had once told Tony Wilson I was a "Del Shannon for the eighties." (?) Wilson himself opined I was the "best English songwriter since Elvis Costello." But I guess by 1985 I was...

I call it my "black hole period."

I sincerely hope that you never have a "black hole period."

If you ever do...all I can say is...try to hang on...try to survive it...even if it takes years...

I never dreamed I'd write again, perform again, make records again- but I have, and I am...even if it is on a far more modest scale than my (not so glorious) Factory/Cherry Red past. For the thousandth time I must say what I do now is far more focussed, far more interesting than what I did then. I clawed myself out of the "black hole" in my own curious way, but in the end I did it... doing things like 3+ hour epic rock'n'roll cover version sets during my residency at The Attik club in Leicster...literally "paying dues" and learning in public-sometimes being brilliant-sometimes being awful...sometimes being both at once...and-after a seven year gap I got back to performing in London, not that London especially noticed...maybe this time after the 1 year gap since January '96.

I've virtually looped myself into a loop- the two cassette collections("An unlikely source" (1992) and "In an open air surgery" (1993)) and the Sorted connection beginning with "Drowned dream wreckage" on the Tous Ar Fit 7" EP (1996) and continuing with the forthcoming CD album- all mentioned in the "Latest Kevin Hewick News" section earlier on in this page...and the loop this space...the loop continues...

  Kevin Hewick News
Brief biography and influences
KH Live past and present-interesting support slots-unusual venues-band line ups etc.



Kevin Hewick performs Ophelias drinking song/Cathy clown on an island just off Helsinki, the baltic sea on a boat and outside Helsinki radio station. Directed by Donald Johnson. Other artists on the tape include New Order, Section 25, A certain ratio, Durutti column, Cabaret Voltaire, Crispy Ambulance and Stockholm Monsters.
* FAC24 "A Factory Quartet" (1981)
Double LP compilation : Durutti Column/Kevin Hewick/Blurt/Royal Family and the poor- 1 Side each. Kevin Hewick on side two : 7 live recordings from Leeds University and West Hampstead Moonlight Club, London : Rubble/1940/A little feeling/Morphia/Forget/The enchanted kiss/Haystack.
(K.H.-electric/acoustic guitar/vocals, Peter Terrell- Tone generator on Morphia)
* FAC48 "Ophelias drinking song/Cathy clown"/"He holds you tighter"
7" Single
(KH-electric guitar/vocals, Donald Johnson-drums,assorted percussion)
(Produced by Donald Johnson (Of A certain ratio), Mixed by Peter Hook)
* FAC54 "A Factory Video" (1982)


* "From Brussells with love" Compilation cassette (1980, re-issued on CD 1991)
features "Haystack"- KH-electric guitars/vocals with Peter Hook-Bass guitar, Stephen Morris- Drums, Bernard Sumner- Keyboards. Other acts on the tape include A certain ratio, John Foxx, Jean Moreau, Brian Eno, Durrutti Column, and Thomas Dolby


* "Such Hunger for love " LP (1983)
Side One : Normandy/Spain/Gibralter/At first sight/I rap too much/Make/Door to door salesman/Edie
Side Two : Shells/Scapegoat in a country churchyard/The hill of leopards/Feathering the nest/She holds him tighter/Mothers day
(KH- electric/acoustic/bass guitars, keyboards, Linn drum computer, Vocals.)
(Produced by David Motson)

(Spain also appeared on "Ambition Volume 2-The Cherry Red Story" Compilation CD (1991)This has recently been re-issued with Ambition Voume 1 as a double CD. A spoken word version of Mothers day also appeared on the 1982 cassette "Northern lights, which also included Cabaret Voltaire and was limited to 100 copies).

* "Feathering the nest"/"'Neath dancing waves"/"Tender bruises and scars" (1983)
7" Single

(Feathering the nest also appeared on "Pillows and Prayers-The video" compilation, "The eyes of Barbara Steele"- 6 track 12" compilation, Europe only, and "Pillows and Prayers Vol two"-Japanese only Compilation LP)

(Tender bruises and scars also appeared on the "Instrumentally Yours" compilation CD (Richmond Records) (1993)

* "Reality/Unreal" (1984)
12" EP
Side One : Plenty/'Neath Dancing waves (new version)
Side Two : Amber/Scapegoat in a country churchyard (Original '82 version)
(KH- electric guitar/piano/vocals with The Sound- Adrian Borlond- electric guitar, Graham Greene- Bass guitar, Calvin Mayers- keyboards, Michael Dudley- Drums.


* "Artists for Animals" (1985)
Compilation LP featuring "The carthorse" by Kevin Hewick along with tracks by Madness, Paul Weller and The Style Council, Patrick Fitzgerald, Robert Wyatt, Gerald Scarfe.


* Tous-Ar-Fit (1996)
7" EP on Black or Pumpkin coloured vinyl.
KH Side one, track two : Drowned dream wreckage
(Recorded by Kevin Reverb at Memphis Studios, Leicester).
Other acts are John Sims, Moon equipped and Slinky.

* "Each pillow is tethered like a rock" (1996)
Compilation cassette limited to 50 numbered copies, only available by going to The Durham Ox in Leicester and drinking ten different malt whiskies.
KH Side two track two, "Drowned dream wreckage"
(experimental dub version- totally different version to the EP, recorded by Dave Dixey at Sorted Studios).


* "An unlikely source" (1992)
Rundown town/An unlikely source/We're not together/The sun the moon and the stars/Always and forever
(Recorded with Derek Roberts at Soundcraft Studios, soon to be re-issued as part of the 3 tape set on Sorted with extra studio and live tracks on "1988-1992")
* "In an open air surgery" (1993)
Strangely it hurts to give up the past/Naked/Haystack/Love felt good then/New girl on the block/So much time/Wide open/No miracle/Alliance of broken worlds
(Recorded with Kevin Reverb at Stayfree. Also features Crazyhead/Zodiac mindwarp drummer Rob Vom. Soon to be re-issued as part of the 3 tape set on Sorted with extra live and studio tracks on "1993-1995".

Notes :

Cherry Red and Richmond (a subsidiary of theirs) seem to do what they feel like on a whim with back catalogue. When they re-issue something they don't consult me or even tell me !

Another (minor) "Kevin Hewick myth" :

In the CD booklet to "Ambition vol. 2" Mike Allway (Cherry Red A&R) put that I "found the love of my life, moved to Leamington Spa and never wrote another song ever again". When I asked him he admitted he'd made it up "because it sounded good".

  Kevin Hewick News
Brief biography and influences
KH Live past and present-interesting support slots-unusual venues-band line ups etc.


4. Recent/1990's support slots/co-headliners include :


Well - surely there's no one else who can have supported both Joy Division and Showaddywaddy !!..and, if nothing else I've had the honour of sharing bills with true greats like Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick, Jackie Leven and Doll by doll.

Then there's the many remarkable but sadly little known people I've met during my 22 times at Harlesden's Mean Fiddler acoustic room...there's no justice in the world when the likes of Nicola Hitchcock,Sue Popper, Glen Yearwood, Angie Giles, Julia Tipton etc remain mostly unsigned and unrecognised...and then there's Leicester- my more folk orientated but very talented peers such as Cathy Bonner, Andy Richardson, Ian Derbyshire, Dan Britton, Eugene James, Steve Cartwright as well as the somewhat better known Sally Barker, Pete Morton, and Annie Williamson.

I also have a valuable relationship with Cable 7 TV, Leicester's Community channel- I was the first musician ever to perform a song on a live broadcast and have also appeared in several music programmes including a full concert special of the KH/Super Eight show at The Guildhall in May '96. Talking of them, I and my partner Claire and daughter Bethan are all very proud to have had bit parts in Jock and Matt Kerry's brilliant "Chez Lester" soap opera.

I've also played live a few times on John Sinclairs BBC Radio Leicester show and, in February 1997 on BBC Radio Merseyside on Roger Hill's "Late world noise" show.

All this and four times ('92,'94,'95,'96) at Leicester's Abbey Park Festival and six times ('91-'96) at Melton Mowbray's Egerton Park Melton Show. Phew!


  Kevin Hewick News
Brief biography and influences
KH Live past and present-interesting support slots-unusual venues-band line ups etc.

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